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Medical Services

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Embarazo en servicios médicos
The Pregnancy

Find our support since the very first time you want to have a child. Our team will take care of your health and the state of your baby during the gestation.

ginecólogía en servicios médicos

It is important to monitor every stage of your life. At Clinica Blanes we are pleased to take care of your ginecology health.

Esterilidad en servicios médicos

Sometimes there are certain difficulties to get pregnant. Visit us to get a comprehensive checkup and we will work to find solutions for this situation.

Preparación al parto en servicios médicos
Getting Ready for the Birth

We want you enjoy each day of the amazing experience of having a baby. Clinica Blanes will share with you advices and ideas to live without concerns the birth of your son/daughter.

Servicios médicos y la menopausia

Menopause is a natural process for women due to hormonal changes. We can take care of you during this new stage to ensure your health is perfect.

mamas y senos en medicina

We carefully check that there are no injuries or changes inside the breasts. Accurate periodical controls are key to find tumors ahead of time as well as to provide the most preservative treatment.


Suelo pélvico y servcios médicos
Pelvic Floor

Pelvis can get weak after labor, vagine surgeries or menopause. We have a specific unit on pelvic floor focused on help women to strenghthen muscles in this area.

Láser ginecológico y los servicios médicos
Gynecological Laser

We are piooners in Valencia offering the most advanced laser technology for ginecology. Our laser is the most recommended and reliable option to strenghten the vulva and the vagina.



Visit our odontology unit. Use our expertise to keep your mouth and teeth healthy.


Everyone wants to have a nice smile, our visible sign of health and joyness. Clinica Blanes' Ortodontics area will help you to get this goal.

Children's Odontology

We are also specialists in orthodontics for children and teenagers. We know how to make kids have a nice smile and it is possible to make it fun and safe.

Odontología Estética Clínica Blanes Valencia Calle Colón
Esthetic Odontology

Patiens increasingly take care of their mouth and not only for healhy reasons. They appreaciate having a nice smile. The Esthetical Orthodontics will help you to look great.

Dental Surgery and Implants

Today it is possible to recover functionality and esthetic even after having lost some pieces. We offer high-quality implants thanks to our amazing team of experienced dentists


Skin Laser Treatments

We have the most advanced cutaneous laser to offer rejuvenation treatments.


Other areas

Pediatría en la Clínica Blanes Valencia Calle Colón

Love and kindness to take care of our youngest patients. Let us look after your child.

Endocrinología en la Clínica Blanes Valencia Calle Colón

Diet is a key factor for our health. We want to help to improve your life-style and get a balanced diet.

 Psicología en la Clínica Blanes Valencia Calle Colón

We want you feel supported by our team of psicologists. Enjoy each moment of your life confident, calm and happy.

Pediatría en la Clínica Blanes Valencia Calle Colón
General Medicine

Visit our general medicine service to keep your health controlled. Periodical checkups is positive for prevention and quality of life.

Pediatría en la Clínica Blanes Valencia Calle Colón
Internal Medicine

We are introducing this speciality for anyone having a health issue. We will study, treat and solve your problem.

Fisioterapia en Clínica Blanes Valencia Calle Colón 76

This service is an interesting option to ease some symptoms through massage, electroteraphy, exercise and physic activity.

Podología en la Clínica Blanes Valencia Calle Colón
Análisis Clínicos en la Clínica Blanes Valencia Calle Colón
Blood test

We identify and treat all of those issues and malformations affecting the feet.

Come to our clinic, in the very Valencia downtown, to get your blood test. We take care of send and take the results at the laboratory.

Fisioterapia en Clínica Blanes Valencia Calle Colón 76
Pronokal Method

Clinica Blanes also offers the Pronokal Method. Dr. Ángel Blanes Espí and Dr. Ángel Arturo Blanes are certified to prescribe this weight-loss method.

Blood test

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